Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Best food ever

voted number one from the family. Spaghetti sauce, homemade of course. Its wonderful on cold days. The sauce recipe comes from the Blue ball book. And its a winner!!!


and still stocked. This winter we have bought $34.23 of groceries. Thats it! But we didn't really have to buy that much but the kids were begging for a hotdog. They haven't had one for sometime at home.
We have our frezzer still half full and the pantry shelves from 6 shelves to 3. We have not gone hungry and we eat well. This is all off the pounds we grew and or were gifted to us. I love winter....and spring.......fall..........and summer...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shed/ greenhouse

With the temps here in the low teens and planting time quickly upon us here we decided to make the shed into a make shift greenhouse. With little time to spare we cleaned it out and are in the process of putting up more shelves. We also was gifted a little Coleman heater that runs for 20 hours on one fill up of Coleman fuel. Surprisingly its perfect for the little shed to stay warm and toasty. And that's even on low. I started the heater on a below zero night and within 1 hour the 9x9 shed was above freezing and around 45 degrees. Should be perfect for the little plants not to freeze on cold nights. Also the lights give off heat so its worth a shot.