Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New beginnings

OUR NEW FLOCK!!! These are our 6 little babies!! We are excited to have Janie may, peep peep, Sally, Happy, Caren, and Baby Face. We have raised chickens before when the boys where little but this time we have alot less chickens. The kids are excited and we can't wait to watch them grow and provide our family with eggs. In return we will provide them with love and a very nice home. These are our new pets. ( pictures soon of the $25 coop)

Getting back

to the blog. Sometimes I find it hard to get on here and report on what we have done or share things we use differently but I will try to do better.
Seems this summer got away from us. two days after the kids got out for summer vacation our daughter fell and broke her arm which required surgery. So we spent the summer trying to keep her cool and comfortable. With gaining full range of motion 12 days before school started she then started horseback riding lessons.
Our homesteads garden was not very useful this year and we are very disappointed. But with 1 year as a flop in the 9 years we have lived here it doesn't seem so bad.
We have braced the fence to get a calf and a few goats. We have raised them before and loved every moment of it.

Hope this entry finds you well and busy. Our homestead is still growing and we have exciting news in the next post. See you back here in a bit!