Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's really a lovely day here so this post, yet overdue, will be short - hopefully.

    We have been tons busy around here - like always. I have peas, carrots, garlic, and lettuce planted. I have 250 tomato and pepper plants seeded in the greenhouse, still have more varieties to seed. We also have over 100 marigolds and other flowers that I love but find it extremely hard to buy full grown from a nursery.  Our cabbage plants are growing and hope to get them in the ground when the moon allows. Our seed potatoes are ready for the moon also. All the fruit trees are getting leaves and blooming.So right now I think I am on track. NOT.

   I have SO much more to do. My list seems to be getting longer as we get projects done. we did get one strawberry bed re-vamped and still have another to do. the pond needs cleaned out and relined. The chicken run needs to be bigger. Not to mention all the other seeds that need seeded in the greenhouse. I still have more tomatoes ( as mentioned above), rosemary, chives, and flowers to get started. Also the onions need planted.
    So right now when someone asks about how the gardening is going I have to chuckle and say " It's Lovely" although its tiring and alot of work its "just Lovely"

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Our friends over at Homestead Revival have a great giveaway. If you are preparing your family for a disaster and worried about a water source. They are giving away a barrel and a pump!!!

Have great fun reading other posts as well! Have a blessed day and good luck!