Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Impact - Pay it forward

The last few days here have been turned upside down. With nearly 8 inches of rain in 2 days we found ourselves being prepared. Comforting yes. With roads closed everywhere and buildings under water we were thanking GOD that we did not have to run out and get anything. GOD gave us the ability to have everything we needed at this time. We are thankful.
The pictures above are our back yard. We never have seen water like this since we have moved here over 8 years ago. We needed the rain, last month we were 5 inches below our normal rainfall. Now we are ahead. With a recent post from a friend ( thanks Andie) got me thinking of my spiritual gifts. I wasn't sure what they were but now I think this rainfall I feel better about what they might be. My mom and I were talking and she has a friend that lost everything. I have a great deal of things that were for a yard sale in my moms garage. Well as soon as my mom mentioned that this family needed things I said without skipping a beat " if they need it give it to them" I am also going through things in my home. I am not doing this for the "thank yous". I do this because I am a giving and caring person. I care about others and hope they find comfort in others willing to help. I pray someone sees others helping out and follow. So if someone has every helped you, help someone else. Thanks for reading and GOD bless.