Friday, September 4, 2009

Tastes like dirt

the other night while sitting down at the dinner table my youngest son filled his plate with a bunch of food that came from our garden this year. As he started eating he looked at me and said " Mom, you know the potatoes at school, they taste like dirt."
Well with my amazed face I looked at him and said " well that's weird" I mean what else do I say. So from there I said " what does these potatoes taste like?" Pointing at the potatoes I fixed for supper out of one of our organic gardens. And without skipping a beat he said " like potatoes".

Now this is not the first time this year that I have heard someone say something tastes like dirt, whether it be potatoes, tomatoes, peppers. Which got me to thinking about how others are growing there gardens and with what sprays or fertilizers they use. I then offer them to try our tomatoes and they say they taste wonderful. Like a warm juicy tomato should taste like.

So with this it can only mean one thing, we will never use un-natural fertilizers on our garden. If un-natural sprays are covering up the great taste of a vegetable, what else is it doing?


Andrea said...

I don't think it's so much the sprays, as the fact that the produce is picked green and ripens en route to wherever. They just have no flavor to them at all.

I found some heirloom tomatoes at a grocery store earlier this year and was so excited....until I tasted them. Tasted like plain old, picked-green hothouse tomatoes, so I was pretty disappointed.

Jan said...

I agree but then also others that are growing their own garden around our area. But the picking green for the long haul also is not good for nice tomatoes