Thursday, April 19, 2012

Boring farm?

 The life on a farm is rarely boring - just imagine walking through the woods just after fishing our weeks worth of troubles away at our pond and find 3 white things walking through the garden field. DUCKS - we have no ducks. Wanted ducks. Just haven't got around to getting any yet.  After a little investigation the neighbors did get ducks. So now every night they come for a visit.

  Or wake up in the morning to discover that we now have 6 barn cats instead of 1.  The barn is set up for the kidding season and mama cat had kittens in a kidding stall. Go figure.

  Or walk in the house from feeding and discover the dogs have gotten in to something. But they look so cute sleeping on the couch or in the dirty clothes pile acting like they did nothing wrong.

   Yes our farm is busy and very rarely find the time to catch up on my posting but I am  determined to get it updated, it just takes time.

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