Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Keeping the flock strong

  We are excited here on the farm. Our 1st setter ( Honey) is setting atop 23 eggs and are scheduled to start hatching in 7 days. Our setter #2 ( Drama) is setting on 8 eggs and should start hatching her eggs off  on the 1st of May. We were also able to catch a sale, $1 each, and bought 8 White Cornish rocks for food at a local store. We are stocking up on new chickens. That sounds weird huh. Well let me tell you why, when we moved here we had 21 chickens and were getting at least a dozen or more every other day. That was until something started killing them. We finally seen the intruder, a mink. So for now our 6 adult chickens, yup that's all we have left, are not allowed in the coop. Our now only rooster won't take any chances and well the photo below explains it all.

Yes he is now roosting on top of our house while the girls now roost on our porch railing.  Needless to say we may be moving the coop soon. 

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