Friday, April 20, 2012


 and CELERY!!!
   While moving in to our farm I discovered a tiny little tomato plant over the hill where we now have the rabbit hutch. I pulled it up and it was in the house all winter long, thriving! When we finished the greenhouse and got the heat running I  took it out there where it grew to about 5 foot tall. Today I found this wee little tomato on it. I don't even have the tomatoes planted in the garden yet.
   Celery - for years I have tried to grow it and for years I said never again. Not gonna do it. Just face it you can not grow it. And every year I try again. and get disappointed. Until this year! I am proud to say persistence has paid off. I have about 6 celery plants growing this year and with any luck can dehydrate it for soups this winter.

       What exciting things are happening with your plants?

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Harry Flashman said...

We have free range chickens, so don't have much in the way of things they can scratch up. My wife grows tomatoes in pots, inside her plant room. It's a glass room about 8 X 24 built on to the side of our house. We used to grow corn but the deer and hogs ate it up, so I planted grass and now we have a meadow. The deer eat that too, but I don't mind.