Thursday, April 19, 2012

January - March

With the fog in this morning the gardening will wait for a bit and gives me a few moments to get a few posts in.

             January was my birthday and all I wanted was my greenhouse put back up so I could start my plants.  But first we wanted to move the old smokehouse and attach it to the greenhouse so the wood heater would be placed in it. My husband and a friend did it in 2 days. I works great and I now have tons of plants that are ready for the garden.
             Feb - we bought 14 goats, 6 mamas,  6 babies, and 2 show goats. Our total of 18 in the herd now.  We also did a bit of clearing on the farm to make room for more fence. ( below - cutie pie)
March is a month of building a goat stand for milking and grooming. I made this after my husband cut all the pieces for me. The goats love it and walk right up on it with no problem at all. The top blue piece folds down and makes a ramp.

            April is a month for babies, we are expecting goats to be kidding in April and May and of course our chickens to be hatching their little ones in 5 days or so. And can't forget about our cat who has already had hers.

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Harry Flashman said...

I had two black nubians. I liked them a lot, but they ate the cedar logs my house is made of. They also ate my F250 brake fluid hose. I wanted them to eat the meadow so I wouldn't have to mow it, but they didn't. So I found an old guy who raised goats for a hobby, who promised not to sell them to the Mexicans, and they live there now.